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Health insurance covers essential health, illness and accident expenses by protecting you from unexpected, high medical costs. Health insurance policies can be bought for an individual or for family. Let’s have a look at types of health insurance covers you can consider before making your buying decision.

1. Individual Health Policy

Under the Individual Health Insurance Policy, the chosen sum assured is applicable to a person covered under the plan on an individual basis for cashless hospitalization and other benefits. It is a policy where each insured member is entitled to the entire amount separately.

2. Family Floater Health policy

In the Family Floater Health Insurance policy, the chosen sum assured is applicable to all family members covered under a single cover i.e. one cover for all members. It can be used entirely by one member or by multiple people over multiple claims.

3. Top-up Health policy

The Top-up health insurance plan additional coverage for people who have limited health cover insurance under an existing individual plan or coverage from the employer. It is for reimbursement of expenditure which arises out of single illness when the limit of the existing cover is not sufficient.

4. Critical Illness Insurance policy

Taken as a standalone insurance policy or a rider for treatment of serious illnesses like - cancer, kidney failure, heart attack etc. Most critical illness policies provide for payment of a lump sum benefit if the policyholder is diagnosed, suffering from one of the specified critical illnesses.

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